Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Pretty sure no one reads this, but I needed a place to verbalize some feelings.

I'm trying to do too much. I need to cut out of my life those things that don't really matter. Let me list a few:
* television
* pinterest
* crafting
* redocrating the house
* creating fancy foods for festivus
* trying to "keep up with the mommies"
* lose weight

I enjoy these things. I don't do them because I feel like I have to. I like crafting. I want my house to be pleasant. I want to enjoy my home and I think I will enjoy it more if it is pleasantly decorated. However, that cannot be my number one goal. It just cannot be!! Emma is my focus. I need to get rid of "stuff" so I can focus on the basics. Not sure how to do that, and most days I'm still just trying to survive.

I don't know. Guess that's it.