Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The First Step of a Thousand Mile Journey

So, I love my husband dearly, but he doesn't happen to be the most dedicated lawn maintainer. Therefore, I've known for a while now that the yard at my new home is in need of some serious help.
First, the grass is pretty sparse. (Watering is something that only happens here when nature makes it happen). Second, all the bushes and trees in the front yard are seriously overgrown. Some of them aren't even supposed to be there. There are some fairly large "trees" that weren't even planted on purpose. Needless to say, there's a lot of work to be done.
Luckily, while we both loathe yard work normally, we actually enjoy doing it together. It's still hard work, but at least we get to do it together. So, here are some early pictures of the overhaul of the front yard:

We've got a LOOOOOOOOONG way to go, but it's a good start.


Well, the wedding is over...the honeymoon is over...I guess this is where real life begins.
It's hard to believe it's really over. The wedding was amazing! I loved the whole day and really only felt stressed once or twice. My bridesmaids were perfect and were there to take care of any little thing that I had a problem with. I loved being with Simon all day and just being happy and excited and celebrating with our friends and family (I realize that was kind of a run on sentence...oh well!). I had many favorite parts from that day, but here's a few highlights for the annuls of time:
* During the ceremony, I just remember staring into Simon's eyes the whole time. It felt like this really private intimate moment, then I'd realize that there was a whole room full of people staring at us and people taking pictures and stuff like that. It was weird but really nice all at the same time.

* The cake was......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! They were both so beautiful. The wedding cake was white with black decorations, and the groom's cake was chocolate with chocolate ganache spilling over the sides with chocolate curls on top and two flags (England and Texas) sticking out of the top. They looked amazing and tasted even more so. I wish we had some more!
* I loved dancing with Simon. I've always loved dancing with him, but being all dressed up and knowing that we had just committed our lives to each other made it that much more special. I really just wanted to do that all night (well, that and eat cake).
* We walked away (instead of driving) since our hotel was right across the street. As we walked past a restaurant with tons of people eating outside, they all began clapping. It was so amazing! I felt like I was famous!!!
* Monday morning we headed out to the airport and found out where we were going on our honeymoon...Puerto Vallarta! It was so beautiful and we had such a good time.

And here we are...back to life, back to reality. I'm looking for a job (not very hard, but looking none-the-less). Simon's back to work. It stinks to be away from him all day, but I guess someone has to pay the bills! Married life is great and I highly recommend it! We're getting settled and figuring things out. It's an adventure...for sure! I'm just glad I get to take my best friend with me.